Debut: 23 March 2018, FTWeekend Oxford Literary Festival

Italian Day fiction debut. Interviewer: Dr. Teresa Franco, Oxford University. Announcement here. Reports here and here.

27 March 2018, Waterstones, Kensington

‘In conversation’ with author Rachel Seiffert. Announcement here. A report here.

16 April 2018, Italian Cultural Institute, London

Interviewer: Rosie Goldsmith, broadcaster, presenter and literary judge. Announcement here. A report here.

7 July 2018, Sloan Summit, London Business School

Leadership & change expert Alison Haig-Davies interviewed Gillian Keegan MP and Valeria Vescina about their paths to career transformation. A report here.

31 August 2018, Giardino dei Vescovi, Museo Diocesano, Citta’ di Ostuni, Italy

A bilingual presentation in the Città Bianca, the main setting of That Summer in Puglia. Organised and hosted by the City of Ostuni. Interviewer: author Francesco Dimitri. Announcement here. A report here.

22 September 2018, Festival della Letteratura di Viaggio, Rome, Italy

‘Levante Italiano’, authors with a strong link to Puglia: Omar di Monopoli, Carlos Solito and Valeria Vescina interviewed by Tommaso Giartosio. Literary contextualisation by Prof. Rino Caputo. A report here.

9 October 2018, Aki, Zurich, for Ecole d’Humanité, Switzerland

Fundraising event in support of the Ecole d’Humanité.

20 October 2018, Book to the Future Festival, University of Birmingham

‘Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in a Writer’s Practice’. Interviewer: Dr. Monica Borg, University of Birmingham.

10 November 2018, York, NAWE2018, the conference of the National Association of Writers in Education

‘Art and artefacts in creative writing’: how can we employ art and artefacts for narrative purposes? Valeria demonstrating how authors harness the potential of art and artefacts to produce and orchestrate a variety of effects.

NAWE 2018

14 November 2018, Il Circolo literary salon, London

A three-way discussion among London-based authors Paolo Nelli, Stefano Tura and Valeria Vescina.

21 November 2018, Goldsmiths Writers’ Centre, London

Amy Sackville and Valeria Vescina interviewed by Ardu Vakil: ‘Fiction and history’. A report here.

Goldsmiths Writers' Centre flier

Book club visits

Visits to book clubs which had selected That Summer in Puglia for reading and discussion. One of these was by Skype to a book club in Harvard, MA. Here is a blog post containing tips for readers and authors about what will make a ‘Skype visit’ work.

Image credits:

The photo of Valeria Vescina and Rosie Goldsmith is courtesy of Rosie Goldsmith.

Image of the City of Ostuni’s poster is courtesy of the City’s Press Office.

Flier for ‘History and Fiction’ event: courtesy of Goldsmiths Writers’ Centre.