Cover_That Summer In Puglia
Publisher: Eyewear Publication date: 3/2018 Cover: photo by Salvo d’Avila; graphic design by Edwin Smet

I write novels, and, occasionally, short stories. My debut novel, That Summer in Puglia, has been released by Eyewear Publishing.  It was launched on Italian Day, 23 March 2018, at the FTWeekend Oxford Literary Festival. I’m now carrying out historical research for my second book, Behind the Veil.

Both novels are set in Puglia, where traces of disparate eras still surface and surprise, affecting the present: their legacy includes the coexistence of different perspectives which time has softened and blended, with fascinating outcomes.  Puglia thus offers an ideal backdrop for characters facing the universal task of responding to the inevitable contradictions of  existence – the task E.M. Forster so aptly described as ‘connecting the fragments’.


Photo credits:

That Summer In Puglia cover photo: © Salvo d’Avila; all rights reserved; reproduced with kind permission of the artist. Book cover graphic design: Edwin Smet.

Vase of Talos by Forzaruvo94.  Reproduced under a CC license.

Castel del Monte by Marcok di Reproduced under a CC license.

Trulli of Alberobello by Marcok di  Reproduced under a CC license.

Detail of Basilica of Santa Croce by Matthias Kuebel.  Reproduced under a CC license.