Story-telling is one of the most distinguishing traits of our species: the earliest written literature goes back to 2600 BC, but 35,000-year old cave paintings already feature myths. Everyone has stories to tell: true ones and imaginary ones; short anecdotes or book-length fiction… The enjoyment and confidence of writing them down grow with practice.

I’ve been teaching creative writing since 2013. It’s one of the things I love about being a writer. It doesn’t feel like ‘teaching’ but like helping others find their voice and improve their skill, whatever their age and writing experience. I teach individuals and groups, teenagers and septuagenarians, beginners and BA and MA classes… Every person comes with different and wonderful combinations of experiences and strengths they can harness.

If you’re an avid reader, learning about creative writing will also increase the pleasure you take in books as you switch to ‘reading like a writer’: with an eye for challenges and authors’ solutions, intentions, effects and further layers of meaning.

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Be Brave, Be Bold by Hope House Press.  Reproduced under CC licence via Unsplash.

Map by Reproduced under CC licence via Unsplash.

Hiker by Dan Gold. Reproduced under CC licence via Unsplash.