“This is a stunningly beautiful story, made even more wonderful by having Tommaso as the narrator. […] I cried, I rejoiced, I held my breath – and they are just some of the ways That Summer in Puglia hit me.”
Thank you, Joy Corkery, for your beautiful review of That Summer in Puglia on Joyful Antidotes.

Joyful Antidotes

Do you know what every summer needs? A bit of romance. In the form of a book, of course. I have an absolutely great recommendation for you today, one that will melt your heart.

That Summer in Puglia by Valeria Vescina is narrated by Tomasso who has been located by a private investigator thirty years after leaving Puglia. Tomasso asks PI Will to pretend he never found him, which prompts Tomasso to recount his life story, including that one fateful summer that led to a great love and a great loss.

This is a stunningly beautiful story, made even more wonderful by having Tomasso as the narrator. The parts where he speaks to PI Will directly make Tomasso so real and ultimately set him up as a likeable character, a character whom the reader worries about and wants the best for. There are other characters in this book but none…

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