Book Trail Authors on Location (1)

I was interviewed by Susan Heads about That Summer in Puglia, for the Authors on Location section of The Book Trail. Susan’s questions were thought-provoking:

  • What made you want to write this story?
  • Why did you decide to place the action where you did?
  • How do you research a novel such as this?
  • Why is the story important – its message?
  • The story of young love is difficult – a kind of modern-day Romeo and Juliet. Which stories of young love like this have you seen?
  • Who would play your characters in a movie of the book?
  • Something you found surprising whilst researching the novel?
  • Can you tell us more about Puglia and your own experiences of it?

What you see on my blog post are just a couple of excerpts. You can find the full text of the interview by clicking here.

Book Trail Authors on Location (2)

Susan Heads’ enthusiastic review of the novel is here, where you’ll find also an online guide The Book Trail has begun creating to the real-life places in That Summer in Puglia.


Excerpts courtesy of The Book Trail.


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